two guys drinking at a bar (galactica style)

Mike Nichols, superstar editor who achieved fame by re-editing Star Wars Episodes I and II as the “Phantom Editor,” has just released the latest installment in his series of shorts Two Guys Drinking At A Bar.  He’s gotten a lot of mail from fans who have complained that the credits of his shows are often longer than the actual content, so he made this new episode as a response.  I love this guy!  Read on for more clips and info about the series…

The first thing I highly recommend you do is go back now and watch the entire series of shorts.  They’re mostly under two minutes each and it’s a must if you want to fully appreciate the joke.  But trust me – stick with it.  After the first two or three you’re going to say, “what the frak, this isn’t funny,” but as you get further and further along, the absurdity will grow and you’ll eventually weep openly that you have to wait for the next episode (and there are tons of easter eggs for sharp-eyed sci-fi fans).

Here’s an embed of the first four episodes to get your started (the 4th show is the one where it all starts to come together):










Ready for more?  Here’s a link to the Two Guys page on YouTube where you can see all current and future episodes:

And finally, here’s my previous story about The Phantom Editor and his version of “Attack of the Clones.”

Go, Mike, Go!



6 Responses to “two guys drinking at a bar (galactica style)”

  1. 2 Boris
    August 5, 2008 at 2:31 pm

    Two guys can’t spend most of their time in a bar without consequences to themselves and to their families. One of the guys must eventually leave the bar, resulting in a multi-part monologue show entitled “One Guy”. Another guy could then join the cast, but suddenly the first guy returns and now there are three guys in the show. How can there be three guys in a show entitled “Two Guys Drinking at a Bar”? The answer will change our perceptions of the TGDAAB universe.

  2. 3 Boris
    August 6, 2008 at 12:51 am

    BTW, this is better than “Dr. Horrible”.

  3. 4 dave and dave
    August 6, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    Subscribed in itunes and the downloads are easier to frame by frame thru than youtube

  4. 5 tommyc
    August 11, 2008 at 9:00 am

    Loved all of them, there’s nothing makes my work day move faster then the nonsensical ramblings of two men in a bar-vortex.

    BTW (and slightly off topic) as a editor and a huge fan of BSG, My friends and I waiting for the next BSG VFX explained segment — when is that coming?

    Although I’m sure you are working a lot of OT right now to wrap up the last ten eps so this is not a complaint, just a request!

  5. 6 Boris
    August 12, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    I want the next “B5 explained” segment. Here’s one question:

    JMS stated originally that B5 is located at the L5 point between Epsilon 3 and a moon. In the original cut of “The Gathering”, we do in fact see a small moon-like object in a couple of exterior shots, so I’m pretty sure that this was supposed to be the moon in question. However, save for a reused pilot shot in “Soul Hunter”, as far as I can tell the moon is nowhere to be found in any of the post-pilot shots, including those in the revised cut of “The Gathering”. I located two dialogue references to B5 orbiting Epsilon 3, with no mention of the L5 point (even though it still appears in some of the unofficial FAQs).

    So what happened? Was the moon found to be unnecessary as a source of raw materials? Does it still exist somewhere, or was it never there in the first place? What about the location of B4 – was it orbiting the planet likewise or on its way to the orbit, using its thrusters? Why is Sector 14 always three hours away in normal space?

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