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AU REVOIR, old friend


I worked on B5 for 4 years but only had a few encounters with Jerry. We spent more time hanging out at conventions than on set, but what can I say? Anyone who knew Jerry for even a few hours probably has the same impression – a smart, charismatic guy, quick with a joke and always the life of the party (without ever trying too hard).

Here are a few of the personal moments I remember about the erstwhile Mr. Doyle:

– He was thrilled to be the only human to survive the series!
– During the after hours at conventions, he could always be found at a booth in the bar, nursing a stogie and holding court with as many women that could cram into the seats.
– We sat together once and compared our favorite details about the fairer sex. We both tipped a glass upon discovering we agreed 100%
– Jerry, myself and a small entourage ventured into downtown after the con (which city I don’t remember) to hit up a popular club. It was filled to capacity and the surly looking bouncer wasn’t letting anyone else in. Not one to be refused entrance to a good party, he got us all in by shaking hands with the gatekeeper in a suspicious manner and asking “how about making an exception for Mr. Franklin and his pals?”
– He once ran for local office in Los Angeles and listed one of his qualifications as being “the only candidate with his own action figure.”

If you’re laughing & smiling now, good – that’s the way he would have wanted it and I’m sure this is the way he’d want to be remembered.

Whomever he’s with now, they sure are lucky.


reposting a classic: STMP “Pon Far” Edition

This was taken off of it’s original link on YouTube, but here it is on a new link (I had some requests for it):

The story behind it:

While we were working on STMP: The Director’s Cut, we were fast forwarding through a cut of the original film and examining the visual FX shots.  Well, while you are zipping through it, you really get a sense of just how much time was devoted to people staring at the viewscreen with incredulous looks on their faces. “It looks like they’re watching a porno movie,” I observed.

And the idea was born.

It may seem like a simple edit, but it was more complex than it looks.  First and foremost, I had to choose a scene from a movie that had no obscene dialog – I wanted the short to be suggestive but not outright perverse; good luck finding THAT in an X-rated movie (I had to do a lot of, um, research).

Next, I needed a scene with enough random audio cues (like moans and other, shall we say “interesting” sounds). Also, it also couldn’t have any music in the background, since I knew I would be editing the scene down from 15 minutes to about 4, and interruptions in music are far more noticeable than in dialog (or whatever you want to call it).

Once I had the right audio track, the rest was easy – I just cut in great reaction shots of the crew to match the audio (my favorite is Ilia’s look during an especially loud female moan). The final touch was a bit of cheesy boom-chicka-boom-boom porn music in the background and voila!  After about two days of work in my free time, a classic was born.

And it was convention safe!


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it’s alive!

Howdy folks (at least those of you who are still tuning it). Yes, it’s been a long time since I updated, but yesterday I was reading some of my old posts and thought “gee, this thing was pretty good!”

I’d like to just say “I’ve been busy and life got in the way,” but we all know that’s felgercarb. Yes, some of it is life, some of it work, but mostly I’ve just been at a party on the beach!

(more on the real story down below)

 Back in the olden days, I was using all my free time to make each in-depth, lengthy post (they take 3 to 4 hours each) and once I started a new job it was tough to devote that much time to it (and I could never bring myself to write the cracker-sized posts of the average blogarino).

But I’ve still got stories to tell and stuff to show so, fingers crossed, I’ll start posting again soon (however, if you look me up on Facebook, I do sometimes put some goodies up there (look up Adam Mojo Lebowitz)).

In the meantime, dear reader, I could use a little help from those of you who have followed and appreciated Darth Mojo over the years…

For much of the last twelve months, I’ve had some health issues that I’m happy to say are finally being resolved.  I’ve relocated to Boston for a variety of reasons (not least of which is the best health care in the country) and I’m excited to soon re-enter the workforce.

However, this also means that lately I’ve had the income of a small garden Gnome (and not a particularly hard working one) so I’ve been relying on friends – and some friends I never knew I had – to give me a hand with getting myself up and running.

I’ve been scraping together some sheckles here and there on GoFundMe and while it may seem like a healthy amount, keep in mind it’s lasted me for the last six months. I’m pretty close to my goal, and I figure if I reach it, I’ll have enough to tide me over until my first paycheck.

I haven’t reached out to my blog readers yet so, here goes!  After all, if Darth Mojo was a sci-fi magazine (and I humbly suggest that my posts are essentially magazine articles) you probably would have spent maybe $100 on it over the years!  So, if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read here and liked the music I’ve posted (like my Ferris Bueller soundtrack and the Sci-Fi dance mix), why not chip in a few bucks?

And I PROMISE, for every $100 I raise I’ll make a new post. Fair enough? And as a show of good faith, I’ll make a brand new post right now.

Thanks, and May the Force Be With You!


PS: Several people said they prefer PayPal – contact me and we can work that out: DarthMojo at Gmail.




(Without the beam that someone added in the new “best of” book).

Interesting fact: this is based on a scene that was cut from the one and only Ron Moore “Voyager” script, a moment where Borg cubes were supposed to be hovering over a forest, searching for renegades.

The image of trees is an actual photo of a forest that had been decimated by acid rain. Although the credit for the image was given to Steve Burg (an extremely talented man), it was actually conceived and rendered by MOJO.

Steve’s primary involvement was helping me with the near-impossible task of compositing the cubes behind the trees… without his Photoshop help I never would have finished the shot! I remember the late night as his place… We played around with various Photoshop tools until it finally worked :-)

Why was the shot cut? I have no idea. They routinely cut VFX shots from Voyager as being “too expensive” before ever even asking the crew that would be doing the work. It just took a long time for them to finally shake the “motion control & miniatures” mind set – but they finally got on board with what CGI could do for them with the amazing two-part epic “Scorpion.”

I have plenty of stories about the FX for that episode…




Not too long ago it was Pie Day here in the states. That means it was March 14, otherwise known as 3.14. People all over get together, bake pies and share the sugary goodness. I was lucky enough to be invited to such a gathering by my long-time good buddy Chairman, yet I didn’t feel my pie making ability was up to snuff (read: I have never made a pie). So what do you bring to a party of delicious desserts when you don’t bake pie?

Root beer floats!

That’s right, friends: I dug up the old ingredients for the Mojo Float (Bulldog root beer and Haagen Daz Dulce de Leche) and brought them to the party. My secret plan: to steal the pie show with root beer floats!

As I began making the floats and started passing them to the crowd, I was greeted by the same reaction from everyone: WTF? Why are you giving me a root beer float? Who cares? “Just take a sip…” I would suggest. A few seconds later, I pretty much got the same reaction from everyone:


People liked them. I won. Case closed. TRY IT.


iphone + sound machine = blade runner

Pictured above, Deckard swipes his iPhone and orders some Chinese.  Now you can use your precious iDevice to immerse yourself in the world of Blade Runner with an app called Sleep Machine, a neat little program meant to help you sleep by generating ambient sounds like wind, rain, surf and crickets.  Now that’s great if you want to pretend you live out in the middle of nowhere, but can it relax the futuristic city dweller, looking to close his eyes and get lost in the soothing sounds of a dark, yet shimmering urban landscape?

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Happy Birthday Battlestar Galactica!

Thirty Two years ago today, ABC rocked the house with the first-ever airing of Battlestar Galactica.  Killer robots, thrusting spaceships and Lorne Green’s toupe would forever change my world.  It also marked the official start of the 25 year countdown to Ron Moore’s epic re-imagining of the series, which breathed new life into the Galactica franchise and showed the world that you can take science fiction seriously. So, on this fine Friday evening, why not grab a friend (Cylon or otherwise) and tip a glass of Ambrosia in honor of Glen Larson’s little wagon train to the stars that could.

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