I’m Mojo.  I’ve been around the block a few times, picked up some trash, stopped for a drink and have some observations to share.  My view of the world is a little warped and my new keyboard needs to get broken in, so every now and then I’m going to bang on it and see what sort of mangled, twisted words fly out. 

A lot of blogs have very sharp focus on a worthwhile subject that millions of people find interesting; well rest easy, friend, you won’t find anything like that here!  Darth Mojo is essentially a rant blog about whatever strikes my fancy (and, by Grabthar’s hammer, if it’s not fancy we’ll put a bow on it and make it fancy).

Naturally some of what you’ll find here is related to what I do all day, which is essentially make spaceships fly around and explode.  I’ve worked (if you can call playing with spaceships work) as a Visual Effects Supervisor and artist on projects such as the legendary Babylon Five, the not-so-legendary Star Trek: Voyager and, currently, the soon-to-be-legendary Battlestar Galactica.

If you’re a fan of any of these shows, check back often since I plan to dust off my personal archives and share all kinds of never-before-seen goodies with you.  I may even take some memory-enhancing drugs and see if I can finally get down on paper all the interesting, wacky and downright flabbergasting experiences I’ve had over the years.  If I do my job right we may even get a few cease-and-desist letters!

But, most of all, I plan to just goof around a lot.  I hope you’ll stick around and leave plenty of senseless comments.


(you can email me by sending comments in the box below)

[CLICK HERE to read the infamous “Emmy” story]


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March 2023

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