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you know you’re *really* a nerd when…

This is what happens when you cross a nerd with too much time on his hands with a warped sense of humor (pun intended).  The ever-talented (and ever-warped) Daren Dochterman decided that my urinal puck and Nintendo remote from recent posts were begging to make the leap from pseudo Star Trek wannabe to iron-clad canon.  So, ladies and gentleman, we present to you the USS WiiWee.  Look for the resin kit in first quarter 2010.


you know you’re a nerd when…


… the USS Enterprise just keeps showing up no matter where you look.  First it’s in a urinal, now it’s a fishing rod controller for the Nintendo Wii.  What’s next?  The Jefferies Tube in a salami?  A Phaser in a beard trimmer?  Is it us or is the whole world actually trying to look like Star Trek?    [special thanks to reader BobaTrek for sending this one in.  Send yours to DarthMojo4u at AOL].  At the risk of straying off topic for a moment, I just ran across this Photoshop image of Obama as a Vulcan.  Am I the last guy on Earth to see this? 

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vote: you choose the winner of “XXL Kirk” Photoshop contest! (updated)


Citizens of the Federation, it’s time to do your civic duty and vote for your favorite image in our “XXL Captain Kirk” Photoshop contest (review the last two posts if you’re in need of a briefing).  Staying true to the spirit of Star Trek, our hailing frequencies certainly reached out to the furthest star, as entries have come in from across the globe to create a truly international contest (just the way Gene would have liked it).   You’ll find the ballot after the jump, where we’ll show you the “final five” images and tell you a little bit about the evil geniuses behind them…

11/12 update: While it seems like “Khaaaaan!!” is the front runner, it’s still important for everyone to vote – as of now, the race for second place is VERY close, so, to keep things interesting, I will also offer a special prize (to be announced) for the second place contestant.  The runner-up spot is totally up for grabs at this point, so I suggest those of you in the running get out there and do some campaigning!

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photoshop “xxl kirk costume” contest (final entries are in!)


How would the world be different if the guy from our favorite Halloween costume  (as discussed in the previous post) had actually been the one to land the classic role of James T. Kirk?  What if there was no Shatner?  Help the world visualize this with your mad Photoshop skills and send your best effort to DarthMojo4U at AOL (Click here for a clean image of “big Kirk” to help get you started).  The winner will receive the ultimate prize – the thrill of victory!  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.  Spread the word!  And remember to check back with this post often – I’ll keep updating as new images are submitted!

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halloween star trek mystery


Friday I was assembling a few odds and ends for my last minute costume when I encountered the above abomination at the Halloween store. Generally speaking, they choose a model for the packaging that at least bears some vague physical similarity to the person or character they’re trying to market – but in this case, WTF?!  Obviously they weren’t even trying to go for a Chris Pine lookalike, and he’s fatter than Shatner ever was, so, all I can come up with is they wanted a model that made men say “hell, I’d be a better looking Captain Kirk than this guy!”  Unless the costume is supposed to be bloated Kirk after McCoy injected him with the comedy virus. What was my costume, you ask?

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you know you’re a nerd when…


… you stare at a urinal puck and you see the primary hull of the USS Enterprise.



introducing: 3d Trek


They say that the secret to success is to simply please yourself.  Since it’s impossible to predict what people are going to love or hate, people are often told “make the movie you want to see, or invent the thing you want to buy.”  Recently, I was approached to come up with an idea for a new Star Trek product; as part of the process, I found myself wondering, “what would I be interested in?”  Sadly, the programmable Orion Slave Girl Clone  didn’t quite pan out, but I came up with something else that I think is even sexier…

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