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movie review: clone wars (spoiler-free)

Imagine you’ve just suffered through the worst possible three-course dinner; the salad was soggy, the appetizer cold and the main course was a dry, burnt, flavorless steak. As you force yourself to finish chewing that last bit of gristle (after all, you were hungry), you happily put the fork down, toss your napkin on the plate and just thank god that it’s finally over. You look forward to spending the rest of the night at home, snuggling up with a nice, smooth, pink bottle of Peptol Bismol. Suddenly the host reappears with yet another covered tray and proudly proclaims, “dessert!” You slump back in your chair, prepared for the worst. The cover is lifted up and what do you see? Twinkies! You happily pick up one of the spongy, yellow treats and scarf it down with glee, savoring every bite and thrilled as can be that it wasn’t yet another failed attempt by the host to reach beyond his means. And, ladies and gentlemen, that’s the best way I can describe Clone Wars – a much welcome Twinkie.

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crystal skulls and such

How can you resist a review of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull  that begins with “Lucas, Spielberg, Ben Burtt – the legends of film making. The film masters.  Ben Burtt is the guy who did the Lightsaber sounds.” 

Ok, so this video review is from some fifteen year old kid in his basement and I really shouldn’t make fun… but come on:  “I like the fact that in the opening, in the military base, they played that music, like in Raiders of the Lost Ark; I was like man, this really feels like a classic film.”  Click inside and watch the video If you want to know how he drew this conclusion: “I don’t usually give a rating, but Raiders of the Lost Ark, Crystal Skull and Last Crusade are all tied.   And the lowest is Temple of Doom.”

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