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really classic Star Wars

The folks over at Worth 1000 (as in “a picture is worth 1000 words) recently had a Photoshop contest based on this member observation: I went to an art gallery the other day. The artworks were all right, I guess, but you know what they were missing? Wookiees. There wasn’t one Wookiee in sight. Also no Jedis, no Storm Troopers … in fact none of the artworks had any Star Wars elements at all!  And so a call to arms was made to insert Star Wars elements into famous works of art…

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movie review: Dark Knight 1 & 2

So I saw the new Batman movies last week (how’s that for timely posting?).  For the most part, they live up to the hype, but naturally I have a few bones to pick.  My friends tell me I manage to find fault with everything, and J-rod (yes that’s a real person) thinks I get some sort of perverse pleasure out of it.  He might have a point, perhaps life would be better if my reaction to everything was “wow, that was neat!” Actually, I saw Thank You For Smoking  over the weekend (starring Dark Knight’s  Aaron Eckhart) and thought it was pretty much a perfect movie, so to my dear friends: bite me.   I’ll stop finding faults in movies when Hollywood stops copiously providing them!  Anyway, on to what I what I thought of the two new Batman movies…

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movie review: iron man

So today kicked off the 2008 season for the Super Summer Movie Fun Club – Go! This clandestine organization gets together every week during the summer to see the latest and greatest Hollywood has to offer. Generally speaking, summer is when all the big movies we’ve been looking forward to finally come out; you’d think this would result in a couple of joyous, slap-happy months, but it seems like the big movies just get worse and worse and all our excitements ends with us crying in our ice cream afterwards. The good news is we now have a word to describe all of our summer movie emotions rolled into one: Anticippointment. Won’t you join us?

Anyway, Iron Man was released this weekend and the Super Summer Movie Fun Club – Go! was there, hoping for the best but prepared for the worst…

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dark knight…

Don’t have time for a big post tonight, but I wanted to share this awesomely spooky shot I grabbed as the clouds rolled in, no doubt in preparation for tomorrow’s ritualistic “watering of the city,” also known as rain.  When I look at this picture, all I can think of is that this city truly is Batman’s town – the rest of us just live in it.  A shiver runs down my spine; The Dark Knight better be good.

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