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BSG birthday bash continues…


Perhaps the greatest gift for fans of the original series has just gone live over at GALACTICA.TV (if you’ve never checked it out, it’s easily the best BSG site on the web – especially for original series fans).  Curators Marcel Damen & Mike Egnor have put together a huge post of never before seen interviews,  images and info about the making of the show and they deserve three cheers for their tireless effort in continuing to unearth great material.  If seeing that above image of the tiny landing bay matte painting gives you a stiffy, you better have a change of shorts on hand before you click over!  



happy birthday battlestar galactica (audio post)


On September 17, 1978, ABC television first aired “Battlestar Galactica” and in doing so (damn them), sealed my fate.  Ever since then I’ve had a special place in my heart for the show and, for reasons still unclear, my enthusiasm for the beast simply will not wane.  For a while there, being a Galactica fan was something you kept to yourself (even the Star Wars and Star Trek fans looked down on us), but, thanks to Ron Moore, BSG fans can once again wear their T-shirts proudly and in public.  To help celebrate this auspicious occasion, I’ve dusted off a rare piece of Galactica memorabilia that each and every one of you can download and enjoy on this special day…

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bsg vfx: anatomy of an (ancient) cylon


SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the second half of the Battlestar Galactica’s 4th (and final) season, you may want to stop reading now.

After discovering the depressing wasteland that turned out to be Earth, the crew of the Galactica did some digging as part of their search for answers about the burnt-out planet’s past. One key find was an excavated, centuries-old Cylon head (as seen below in a scene from the episode).  This “ancient Cylon” was only on screen for a few seconds so viewers never really a very good a look at it… until now!

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how big was the colony?


Across the myriad of interwebs, i’ve seen a lot of comments from people wondering “just how frakkin’ big was the Colony?”  Truth be told, there may not be an exact figure.  See, Lightwave tends to choke if you expand the world into krazy amounts of kilometers.  The software still works, but it can get a little buggy on you when things get too big, so the CG model of the Cylon Colony was built to a scale far larger than the Galactica, but not quite as big as FX Supervisor Gary Hutzel imagined.  For the final shots, the size of ships next to The Colony had to be squeezed down to match his vision of the true enormity of the bad guys’ ultimate secret lair.  But don’t fret, here are a few images to give you the general idea, so click through for some high tech BSG action!

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my god, it full of (the wrong) stars!



A few days ago, in the comments section, I revealed that the CGI stars as seen in that backgrounds of Battlestar Galactica  were, for the most part, random.  They are an accurate representation of what stars look like from Earth, but they were randomly placed.  This greatly shocked and disappointed a small legion of fans who had been analyzing these backgrounds for clues; by screen-capturing images of the stars and overlaying constellations, they had been hoping to pinpoint the exact location of The Fleet and how close they were to Earth.  The revelation that all their time had essentially been wasted because the visual effects team hadn’t actually planted any clues left them very cross indeed…

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Viper redux: turning shinola into shit


Over the weekend I posted the above image of a Viper from the 1979 version of Battlestar Galactica; as most people are aware, when that show was produced there was no such thing as CGI, so all of the visual effects were created “old school,” meaning the Vipers were actual, physical models, photographed with real lights and a real camera.  Thirty years later, visual effects on the new BSG are created entirely with computers, but, despite all this fancy new technology, the goal of most artists is to still have it look  like good old-fashioned miniatures and cameras!  Of course, on the new series, there never was a real  Viper model, so we have nothing to compare the CGI version with to see if we “got it right.”  However, there is plenty of footage of physical Viper models in episodes from the original BSG, so I decided to see just how close I could make a “fake” Viper look like a “real” Viper…

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OMFG the best star wars chapter in 28 years!

Ok, so, for the record, I TOLD YOU SO.  Hot on the heels of the less-than-enthusiastically received Clone Wars  movie, comes the innagural episode of the series, “Ambush” (which aired last Friday on Cartoon Network).   Remember how I asked all of you to give the show a chance, no matter how you felt about the movie?  Because with all the episiodes they’re going to produce, chances are some good ones were inevitable?  Well guess what?  It freakin’ already happened. Continue reading ‘OMFG the best star wars chapter in 28 years!’

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