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greatest night at the movies – ever (updated)


This coming Saturday (June 20, 2009) the American Cinemateque’s Aero Theater in Santa Monica will be screening the single greatest night of filmed entertainment in motion picture history: for this first time ever in this country, not one, not two, but all three old school Battlestar Galactica  feature films will be shown.  What’s that?  You knew the original pilot was shown in theaters in Sensurround but what the hell is all this gibberish about three  feature films?  Read on, old friend…

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Viper redux: turning shinola into shit


Over the weekend I posted the above image of a Viper from the 1979 version of Battlestar Galactica; as most people are aware, when that show was produced there was no such thing as CGI, so all of the visual effects were created “old school,” meaning the Vipers were actual, physical models, photographed with real lights and a real camera.  Thirty years later, visual effects on the new BSG are created entirely with computers, but, despite all this fancy new technology, the goal of most artists is to still have it look  like good old-fashioned miniatures and cameras!  Of course, on the new series, there never was a real  Viper model, so we have nothing to compare the CGI version with to see if we “got it right.”  However, there is plenty of footage of physical Viper models in episodes from the original BSG, so I decided to see just how close I could make a “fake” Viper look like a “real” Viper…

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Guiness-sanctioned videogame competition live online today!


Battlestar Galactica  Associate Producer and Supervising Editor Andrew Seklir is making a video game documentary, and today (Friday, 1/2/09), he’s braving the east cost cold to bring to us – live from MAGfest in Washington, DC – the competition for the world record of the arcade classic Nibbler (MAGfest is an annual coolest-of-the-cool videogame festival and the event is sanctioned by the Guiness Book of World Records).  It will be streamed live online all day Friday with cameras not only showing the players, but a direct feed of the screen itself!  Did you know that Nibbler was the first arcade game to break the one billion  point barrier?  Click through to find out even more.

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happy new year!


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Many thanks to all of you happy-go-lucky, loyal Darth Mojo readers.  I really do enjoy sharing all this neat stuff with you, and it truly makes me smile when someone tells me they learned something from a post.  I hope all of you have at least a few moments worth remembering from 2008 (aside from the day you discovered this blog) and let’s all work together to make sure 2009 kicks some serious ass.  For me, finding a project – and a crew – that tops Battlestar Galactica sounds like wishful thinking but, then again, having BSG come back and finding myself working on it was a dream come true itself, so it just proves that we never know what’s hiding around that corner. 

Speaking of boldy going into the future, the image you see above is just a small section of a poster I recently did for a friend’s Star Trek-related project.   If you click on it, you’ll be treated to a hi-res picture that seems fitting for our charge ahead into the new year…  

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sci-ficandy: BSG by Apple (aka radiosity renders)


So I was digging though the BSG CGI archives and ran across some early renders that used a process called radiosity.  In most cases, renders like this are only used for tests and are never seen by the general public but I’ve always thought they looked pretty nifty so I thought I’d share a few.  After all, it’s Christmas and I can’t think of anything Galactica  fans would like more than never-before-seen pictures of the Galactica!   Click ahead for more images and an explanation of what this wacky radio-city-thingamajig is all about… Continue reading ‘sci-ficandy: BSG by Apple (aka radiosity renders)’


Q my savior


So for the last week, I’ve been stuck at home with a seriously twisted back and the worst food poisoning my my life.  What happened to my back? Nothing special, every couple of years I just reach for the salt the wrong way an WHAMMO, say hello to a few weeks of poppin’ fresh pain. Then, while recuperating, for lack of wanting to leave the house, I dug a little too deeply into the fridge and ate something that, given a more may days of gestation, probably would have eaten me.  Combine these two goodies and you get an (in)action-packed vacation!

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clone wars: premiere photos

Sunday was the red-carpet premiere of the new Star Wars animated “movie,” Clone Wars (I put movie in quotes because it was not originally intended to be released as a film – it’s essentially the three-part opening of the animated TV series with some patching to serve as a feature).  Much of the cast and production personnel were on hand (including the Great One himself (no, not Ben Burtt)!  I’ll be posting a review in the next few days (hint: I liked it more than the prequels), but, in the meantime, feel free to peruse my cavalcade of exclusive photos…

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are conventions doomed?

Today I heard about a fan-run convention that announced it was cancelling the event and no longer taking pre-orders; at least they closed up shop in advance of the con – about a month ago, another event shut down during the first day of the actual programming, leaving a whole bunch of people (and guests) high and dry.  So what gives?  Are sci-fi conventions fading away?  I have a few theories about what’s been going on, and the answers may shock you… *

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Legostar Galactica – UPDATED!

What do fans do while they wait for new episodes of Galactica?  They make their own BSG playsets out of Legos, of course!  This morning I received an email from my friend Liz, who wanted to share the Lego Viper her ten-year old son had made.  It was quite a complex undertaking for the little Viper-pilot to be, and as I sat back and stared at the Lego Viper that’s been sitting on my  shelf since the start of the third season, I began to wonder: just how many Lego Vipers are out there?

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A billion points of light

So literally seconds after I had finished writing a follow-up comment to the post below this one (in which I talked about how, under the right conditions, you can see the cloud of the Milky Way from Earth) I bumped into this picture (yes, that’s real).  But this picture isn’t the story – the real story is that the folks over at GLIMPSE (Galactic Legacy Infrared Mid-Plane Survey Extraordinaire) have used NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope (Hubble’s infrared brother) to create a 5 gigapixel  image of the entire Milky Way galaxy – the largest in history.

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best buy strikes back!

Mere hours after I had written off the boys in blue & yellow based on their featherweight 23rd street store, they throw themselves back into the ring, this time ready to punch your teeth out with the heavyweight known as the Columbus Circle location (62nd & Bway). Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon this three-story contender:

I almost wanted to take my shoes off before coming inside!

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dark knight…

Don’t have time for a big post tonight, but I wanted to share this awesomely spooky shot I grabbed as the clouds rolled in, no doubt in preparation for tomorrow’s ritualistic “watering of the city,” also known as rain.  When I look at this picture, all I can think of is that this city truly is Batman’s town – the rest of us just live in it.  A shiver runs down my spine; The Dark Knight better be good.

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