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AU REVOIR, old friend


I worked on B5 for 4 years but only had a few encounters with Jerry. We spent more time hanging out at conventions than on set, but what can I say? Anyone who knew Jerry for even a few hours probably has the same impression – a smart, charismatic guy, quick with a joke and always the life of the party (without ever trying too hard).

Here are a few of the personal moments I remember about the erstwhile Mr. Doyle:

– He was thrilled to be the only human to survive the series!
– During the after hours at conventions, he could always be found at a booth in the bar, nursing a stogie and holding court with as many women that could cram into the seats.
– We sat together once and compared our favorite details about the fairer sex. We both tipped a glass upon discovering we agreed 100%
– Jerry, myself and a small entourage ventured into downtown after the con (which city I don’t remember) to hit up a popular club. It was filled to capacity and the surly looking bouncer wasn’t letting anyone else in. Not one to be refused entrance to a good party, he got us all in by shaking hands with the gatekeeper in a suspicious manner and asking “how about making an exception for Mr. Franklin and his pals?”
– He once ran for local office in Los Angeles and listed one of his qualifications as being “the only candidate with his own action figure.”

If you’re laughing & smiling now, good – that’s the way he would have wanted it and I’m sure this is the way he’d want to be remembered.

Whomever he’s with now, they sure are lucky.