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happy birthday star wars!


Thirty two years ago today (May 25, 1977) The Force was born and Star Trek  finally got some competition.  Thanks to George Lucas, an entire generation suddenly received their calling, as just about everyone I know who’s involved in some sort of creative occupation owes their inspiration to the original trilogy.  For some inexplicable reason, “The Homing Beacon” (the official site’s newsletter) is trying to get people to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Episode One, but the cool kids know the lucky numbers are 4, 5 and 6.

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movie review: terminator salvation (spoiler-free)


It sucked sucked sucked sucked SUCKED

I saw it Friday night at Grauman’s Chinese theater in H0llywood, the unofficial home of genre movies.  Basically, if you’re a fan and live anywhere near Hollywood, it’s an unwritten law that if a new sci-fi movie opens at the Chinese, that’s where you must  go to see it.  The theater is big and loud and you’re guaranteed to have an audience of die-hards that love to love movies like this.

But the built-in affection of the opening night crowd wasn’t enough to stop them from laughing not once, but TWICE at overly ridiculous moments in the film…

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Trek scribes speak, complaints addressed – UPDATED


Last night in Hollywood, Creative Screenwriting editor Jeff Goldsmith hosted a special screening of the new Star Trek  movie, followed by a Q&A with writers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci.  While I have yet to publish my official review, readers are aware that, while I found the film to be entertaining, I felt it was somewhat lacking in depth.  I attended tonight’s screening in the hopes that the writing duo would be grilled about fans’ criticism, and thankfully, Mr. Goldsmith did not disappoint.   The duo spoke about their history, how they approach writing and their personal experiences with last year’s strike, but the heat was turned up when Jeff pulled out a hefty printout of fan questions gathered from around the net, designed to help all of us get a better insight into the most common complaints people have had about the new movie….

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“hey JJ, got a minute to talk?”


Well, ladies and gentlegeeks, the time is finally at hand.  Today the new STAR TREK movie opens.  However, as I’m sure everyone is aware, this is more than just a highly anticipated summer blockbuster –  if Paramount has its way, we are playing witness to the dawn of the Third Age of Trek.  Father/creator Rodenberry had his say, Berman helmed the Second Coming and now all eyes are on Abrams to see just how well his ass fits in the command chair.  I’m sure most DarthMojo readers will see the film within the next 48 hours, so you mission (should you choose to accept it), will be to report back here and tell us if this movie is a one-shot wonder or if indeed JJ has breathed new life into the ‘old girl… I’ll lead off the comments and tell you what I’m expecting….


music post: aurora borealis


Anyone out there remember the KLF?  Back in the early 90s, they more or less defined the pop-techno genre, bringing electronic beats to the masses by scoring several chart hits, most notably 3am Eternal.  What you probably don’t know is that the KLF were really a duo of UK-based performance artists who experimented heavily with music and the nature of pop culture icons.  They played around with sampling before most people even knew what it was and had all copies of their first album, 1987, destroyed (by court order) for sampling too many well-known pop songs.  Their success was entirely accidental, and, having no desire to actually become pop stars, they announced (while on top of the charts) that they were leaving the music business and deleted their back-catalog.  Several years later, under the name K-Foundation, they burned the last million pounds they had earned as the KLF.  But they didn’t completely stop making music…

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