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Sci-Ficandy: 1-7-oh-wonderful!

A fistfull of years ago, I did a few covers for Star Trek: The Magazine.  Sadly, this slickly-produced, lovingly written periodical folded in 2003, but as I was digging through my archives (in other words, as I was finally looking to see what was on a bunch of old CD-ROMS entitled “label me”), I ran across the original, hi-res renders created for the publication.   Knowing how bad I am with technology, it’s entirely possible that I put the CD in my drive and accidentally uploaded them to my blog, where anyone can download and enjoy them…  

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The Best Star Wars Movie You’ve Never Seen


Put a group of Star Wars  fans in a room for long enough and I guarantee the conversation will eventually turn to prequel bashing.  No matter how much time has passed, we just can’t seem to forgive and forget the poodoo that our long-awaited prequels turned out to be.  Personally, I felt Episode Two was the most frustrating; at it’s core, it has a complex plot and compelling story, but the film is so hampered by clumsy dialog, misplaced humor and bloated action sequences it feels like a Robert DeNiro performance trapped inside the body of Pauly Shore. Imagine a version of “Attack of the Clones” where Threepio’s head doesn’t get put on a Battle Droid’s body, Ben never visits a robot burger joint and Anakin makes no reference to “sand”. Well, Jedis and Jedettes, that movie is here and you can watch it now…

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happy birthday star wars – updated!

[NOTE: This post has been updated with new goodies – check back as I will continue to update with more material as it comes in]

Today (May 25th) is the 31st anniversary of Star Wars!  It’s time for all good nerds to silently give thanks to George for creating the world we live in.  Without Star Wars, there would be no Battlestar Galactica Star Trek might never have come back and flash lights would just be flash lights.  I’m sure in some crazy, parallel universe, George Lucas was killed in that high school car crash and Logan’s Run  had five sequels so, Jar Jar or not, be grateful!  I’ve got a few goodies for you inside to help celebrate…

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movie review: indiana jones and the kingdom of the oh whatever

Ok it’s late.  I saw Indy 4 last night (this morning?) at midnight, didn’t get much sleep and spent the whole day hard at work tossing Vipers around and bitching about the movie.   It’s past midnight now so this will be a short, spoiler-free review, but see the picture up above?  That’s basically how I feel about it…

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bsg lolcats!

Unless you’ve either been living under a rock or traveling through space looking for Earth, you’re probably familiar with the “lolcat” phenomenon.  Well, Craig from Puntabulous has cooked up a whole series of lolcats in a BSG stylee!   Continue reading ‘bsg lolcats!’


BSG VFX: “Guess What’s (not) Coming To Dinner”

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of working on Battlestar Galactica  is the creative freedom we’re given; Ron Moore encourages his team to go the extra mile by always being open to new ideas and concepts.  Many writer/producers expect to see their script produced verbatim on screen,  while Ron sees the entire film making process as very fluid.  In a sense, the final draft of the script  becomes the first draft of the show; on stage, contributions from the cast and director begin to evolve the process, while the editing suite becomes Ron’s typewriter for the final draft of the episode.

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Pon Farr Edition)

It seems like only yesterday that a crack team of visual effects artist back at Foundation Imaging embarked on the project of a lifetime – creating a special edition DVD of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  The goal?  To actually finish the movie.  Director Robert Wise was so rushed to get the thing out the door he never felt like the movie was done, so finally, almost 25 years later, Paramount invited him to come back, pick up the pieces and make them all fit right.  One “special feature” that was never going to make it on the DVD is presented here for the first time – proving that even room full of computer nerds have a sense of humor:

More on the making of this clip after you get done choking on your coffee.

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