best buy strikes back!

Mere hours after I had written off the boys in blue & yellow based on their featherweight 23rd street store, they throw themselves back into the ring, this time ready to punch your teeth out with the heavyweight known as the Columbus Circle location (62nd & Bway). Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes upon this three-story contender:

I almost wanted to take my shoes off before coming inside!

This store looks so good it belongs in LA!

Apple store on the first floor.

Fancy neon lighting!

Tapdance down the hardwood floor to your favorite DVDs.


Swanky Magnolia home theater room in back.

A whole section devoted to digital SLRs!

A laptop section that doesn’t suck!

Goodbye cookie-cutter warehouse, hello upscale boutique! This store is nothing short of a feast for the eyes; shiny glass escalators, an attractive layout and hardwood floors! In addition to what you see, the cozier quarters of each floor make the store appealing to the ears as well – the loud, cafeteria-like roar of your typical Best Buy has been replaced with the warm, friendly sound of what you’re actually shopping for.

It’s been there for less than six months so many New York geeks have yet to experience the odd sensation of being in a Best Buy you don’t want to run from. If you’re in the city, I highly recommend checking it out. If you’re planning on visiting New York and will be on the plane with a phone, laptop and MP3 player, you’ll want to add this place to your shortlist of tourist attractions!

There’s a lot of competition in NY for your electronics dollar, but I’m ready to call the 62nd street Best Buy a winner by technical knockout.

1 Response to “best buy strikes back!”

  1. May 6, 2008 at 5:16 pm

    Isn’t that a bit like the Empire in Return of the Jedi?

    If we build it twice as large, the rebels will have no chance of beating us.

    Darth Vader:
    (rolling eyes behind mask)
    Of course, My Lord.

    …as opposed to the executive meeting that spawned this store.

    Head Exec:
    And even though the economy is down, and retail sales have been slowing, if we build a huge store, then they’ll all come and buy.

    Under Execs:
    (too scared of losing their jobs to roll his eyes)
    What a wonderful idea.

    Cue background from field of dreams …
    … “If you build it, they will come.”

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