We’ll be here all week folks

Some people accuse NY of being too serious and that it needs to “lighten up.”  To that, your average New Yorker would reply “go fuck yourself,” but I have decided to let these pictures do the talking.  All you have to do is keep your eyes open and NY provides a bounty of comic relief!

I shall indeed (click below for more amusing images)


Because nothing is more fun than having caffeine jitters while getting a tattoo!



J&R goes a little too far in labeling their departments.


I asked for flu shots and they had the nerve to call me a comedian.


I’m pretty sure NYC is the only place these ads are running.  Another asks “Too much fiber?”


I hope there’s dancing.


Chinatown never disappoints when it comes to great place names!  Someone NEEDS to open a bong shop next door.


The next time your wife nags you to take her to a nice restaurant… your mission is clear.


The next time your wife… oh never mind.


In NY???  You might as well hang a “no praying” sign in a church.


Funny or scary?  You decide!


Ok wait a minute… 99 cents and up?  What store doesn’t sell stuff for 99 cents and UP?  What got me curious was the computer repair – who the hell thinks to take their busted hardware to the 99 cent store for service?  I went inside to investigate and saw this:

This is their way of letting you know they fix iPods.  I talked to the Korean woman who runs the repair “facility” and she actually seems to know what she’s doing.  She’s been repairing electronics for fifteen years and said yes, she really can fix broken iPods and has only rarely come across one she couldn’t whip back into shape.  Another sign read “laptop repair: $50-125.”  I have a friend with a broken Sony Vaio he needs to get fixed but Sony wants $600 to repair it!  This woman said she could do it for $125 max and she’s been able to fix 95% of the Vaios she’s gotten.   I may have stumbled across the greatest gadget fixing service on the planet – they just need a better marketing department.  And now, we save the best for last:


I’ll let you guys decide the best comment on this one!

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